The Shade of Chernobyl

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This Web site does not have another claim than only try to help to maintain in our memories the Chernobyl's catastrophe, and its disastrous consequences.


I am neither a militant antinuclear, nor a pro-nuclear militant. I was 38 years old at the epoch of this catastrophe. Like everyone, I saw on TV, in the newspapers, of the photographs and the reports, but well… At this time, Chernobyl, it was the USSR, so far from France… I thought that our French nuclear power plants, they, were safe; then time passed. Like everyone, taken by my daily occupations and my work, this “story” is get out of my the head, I turned the page.

Not quite, since the vision of this catastrophe came again bother me at the celebration of the twentieth birthday of the accident. Then I started to search on the Internet and elsewhere. On the right, on the left, I leafed through, documented me.


In December 2006, I arrived by chance (but I do not believe in chance) on an English Web site which spoke of the catastrophe. It was the Web site of an Ukrainian young woman, living in Kiev area, not very far from the old nuclear power plant of Chernobyl. I stayed glued to my screen all a Saturday to read, reread, to understand what this woman told us. No tedious technical talks, not of graphs impossible to understand, no, only the language filled with emotion of a woman, who, without means nor special data-processing knowledge, had decided to shout in the world, by means of the Internet, her feeling on the catastrophe and the tidal wave of consequences that it generated.


If you do not know this Web site yet, I invite you to go to consult it, then return there, and we will speak again about it together, if you want it well. This young woman is called Elena FILATOVA, her site (in English): This link will lead you to her site.
This Web site is translated today into French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and other languages still.


If Google Earth is installed on your computer, to reach the nuclear power station of Chernobyl, type or copy/paste its position in the search window:

51°23'22"N 30°05'56"E

These coordinates will lead you on the sarcophagus of the reactor #4.


Of course, we are all aware of this episode of the accident which has occurred on April 26, 1986 in the nuclear power station of Chernobyl, in the USSR at this time, but do we know really its causes and its consequences?
Do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail, and we speak again all together of this disturbing accident.

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